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Keep looking up.

A very short horror game. Heavily inspired by LOCAL 58 TV.


  • WASD or ARROW KEYS to move.
  • When on an object, Z to zoom in.
  • X to zoom out.
  • ESC to quit.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorLuis S.
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Lo-fi, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Space, video
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few minutes


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Is this local58? eeeee


I did not like the sounds of birds in the background, it took me out of the atmosphere I would have much preferred sounds of crickets or something more 'night'.

i think it adds to the morning atmosphere or when it has just gotten dark when all the birds go wild, but its ofc different for everyone


I don't know what happened but i love it


This was a great game! Gave me that ominous feeling!


I thought it was a neat little game where you pretty much look at the stars but something interesting is within. I love the whole mystery behind these kind of things and I love not knowing but I wish I knew more.

Something that I didn’t like was the whole fake vhs screen scratching. It a bit too much of it happening in my opinion. I don’t remember vhs’s actually being that worn out to do such a thing. The vhs filter-like appearance in games has been done to death as well but it can be done right. I wish more games were just sharp because one day it won’t be as sharp as we remembered. Will people in the future then make 1080p games for nostalgia? I dunno and why am I here? But yes, I enjoyed the game.


I really liked the mysteriousness of it all! Starts at 10:57

This game was really different and interesting. Not only was it creepy it felt real, I made a 3 scary games and this was the 2nd game I played. I would appreciate if you guys checked it out and keep up the great work!


An amazing game with an interesting concept. What you see can't be unseen. Very clever and well made, I really love the retro VHS aesthetic, Please make more games!



An interesting game. Love the concept.

It starts off sooo peaceful and curious, gazing up at the sky like we all do! But then gradually the spooks 'appear' closer and closer. Close enough to where I no longer feel comfortable haha this was an awesome experience Luis! Keep on getting inspired and creating wonderful products!

Great work!

I played the game it's short but mysterious. overall pretty good

is there any secret that appears if you watch somewhere else while zomming in?

Show post...

Different style

Really loved how creepy this game was with barely any sound or visuals!


Hooooly... that's amazing


holy beans, i fell in love with this one instantly!! the idea of sky watching and this like silent but scary horror.. i dont know how to explain with my limited english skills but it was perfect!! would absolutely love a longer game like this, with planets having tiny scary secrets hidden on them or around them... just i am obsessed with the whole concept for sure. 


Your english is actually perfect :)


Pretty cool game :)


Pretty creepy. Nice visual effects. 

You did a pretty good job of keeping the look and feel of the original video while adding your own stuff to make it original. 


If only more games like this were out there... The horror genre is in serious need of more games that explore the haunting beyond. Great work! Captures the feel of Local 58 TV. 


Local 58's moon-centric videos and the subreddit for FearMe have the same narrative type, i swear. it's really cool and creepy tbh, give the sub a look if you wanna delve into another arg


As a massive fan of Local58 when I saw this game I knew I just had to try it, loved the fact it  that it has the exact same feel as the video, but yet it is still different enough  to make me feel just as creeped out and uneasy like the original video did, do thumbs up my dude, you did great.

ps can we get a game for "You're on the fastest available route"



if anyone intrested here's a playtrough of me (game starts at 23:45)


This is a really cool game! Immediately felt the Local 58 vibes. I'm really into astronomy, so this fit my preferred style! Great job!


This was a intertying game that has a one of a kind feel to it. The task was simple but oddly engaging. I highly recommend that you play this game.  


This game was a great experience. I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out what I had to do. It gives a certain feeling to the player, the feeling of  just enjoying your hobby, then discovering something you wish you hadn't, or something that changes your entire view of the universe. I knew there was an ending to the game, but I didn't expect it to be what it was. Pretty cool! Looking forward to more projects.

Please check out the video (Game starts at 7:09 ) and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!

this is a really good review, described the vibe it gave off so so well!!


Brilliant, I love stuff like this, no jumpscares just this really intimidating atmosphere, like you shouldn't have stumbled across what you're witnessing. The gameplay is simple but I really enjoyed silently scanning what was there and the only other thing kinda like it that comes to mind is that Discover My Body one but that was exploring anatomy, so this is really pretty unique. Amazing, would really like to see more stuff like this.


I loved how unique this one was. Good job.


I love Local 58...it's one of my favorite horror pieces of all time. I wish I could play this game but my computer never gets pasts a black screen upon starting it. :(

Oh that's weird... Do you know if your graphic driver is up to date?

I am gonna try again, tbh I just built a good gaming pc so I'm sure I'll eat my words now lol


Short but sweet, definitely has the local 58 vibe, good work :)


 Nice game, Its short but the end is 👌

This was soo cool I love the Local58 vids this really had the same feeling to them


Mysterious universe

It's cool to get a video game inspired by LOCAL58, there's a lot of great content there to explore. 

The feel and graphics of the game matched that of the video it's inspired by quite nicely. It was a short and cool little horror game that was fun to play.

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Hey Luis,

Digged the vibe of the game! I think the best part for me was literally the way the game ended haha! Caught me off guard! Good stuff.


Ohhh the suspense when switching lenses is dreadful. I love it!